Cargo Customs Complex of PrJC "ZAZ" in Ilyichevsk

Cargo Customs Complex of PrJC "ZAZ" in Ilyichevsk provides the service of open type temporary storage warehouse and customs bonded warehouse; carries out cargo handling operations related to customs inspection, dispatching of cargo motor vehicles at the territory of Cargo Customs Complex; offers the services of international and intraport forwarder; customs-broker and consulting services; storage of empty containers under conditions of container depot.
Customs divisions are located by the principle of «single window", location of frontier, customs and other state supervisory services create a "single office" system, convenient for the client.
The so-called "dry port" has been created in order to avoid jams, related to legalization of containers with imported goods at Ilyichevsk commercial sea port. Here the working conditions for customs authorities have been considerably improved. In particular, the system of carrying out the inspections has been improved. All necessary materials handling machinery and warehouses for various purposes are available. The complex is equipped with heavy-weight scales, mobile X-ray devices, video monitoring systems.
Additional advantages of the Cargo Customs Complex of PrJC "ZAZ" in Ilyichevsk include: possibility of extraterritorial extension of the complex for another 19 ha, location outside the intracity transportation routes, usage of two 45-ton stackers "Kalmar" for containers handling and stacking up to five tiers, availability of class "A" warehousing premises with the area of 7000 sq. m.

For reference:
total area - 4.6 ha;
area of truck port - 8400 sq.m;
temporary storage warehouse - 7700 sq.m;
customs bonded warehouse - 3200 sq.m;
capacity of truck port - 200 tracks;
capacity of inspection ramp - 12 tracks;
maximum container storage capacity at one time - 2500 TEU.

Cargo Customs Complex of PrJC "ZAZ",
Odessa region, Ilyichevsk,
Promyshlennaya str., 1,
Tel:. (04849) 317 77



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