Automobile industry is considered to be the top-priority branch in the majority of the high-developed countries, as it like a locomotive pulls the considerable part of all the rest branches of economy. Operation of Zaporizhia Automobile Plant today is provided by more than 1,030 suppliers of materials and components, among which 827 are Ukrainian, 99 – from CIS countries and 109 - foreign. Only in Zaporizhia region ZAZ operation is supported by more than 300 suppliers.

Such cooperation links give a possibility to utilize production potential of these companies, and therefore to provide their development and to give a job to tens of thousands people. PrJC“ZAZ” is the first-rate employer: one working place in the company provides at least ten working places in related companies.
The work of Zaporizhia Automobile Building Plant is highly estimated by the leading world automobile manufacturers: today ZAZ cooperates with General Motors Daewoo Auto & Technology, Adam Opel, DaimlerChrysler, Automobile Dacia S.A, FSO, ТАТА and AvtoVAZ. Establishment of economically beneficial alliance with such well-known automotive grandees fully suits interests of Ukraine, as under the conditions of its integration into world economy support of already existed and newly established cooperation links is a guarantee of the further country development. And just because of this it is possible to consider that presence of highly developed automobile industry in a country is one of the most prominent evidences of civilized society. 

CJSC "ZAZ" cooperation with the leading automobile companies of the world.

CJSC “ZAZ” products are sold by the biggest in Ukraine dealer network of “UkrAvto” Corporation. But export policy is conducted by Zaporizhia Automobile Plant independently. Today cars are exported to Russia, Syria, Egypt, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan and Bulgaria, where Ukrainian cars confidently captivate the new roads.

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